Package Complex – BioControl UNIVERSAL-S:

Against: Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.) and other nocturnal moths

Two colonizations 40 000 pcs. per decare

Colonization periodicity: every 8-12 days (depending on the statistical average temperature for the period)In the package given:

First and Second dispersal (colonization) – Brassicae/evanescens trichogramma mix against Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.)

The package covers:

Two generations – Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.)


* When applied in a timely manner, guarantees qualitative efficacy on generations of the pest, over 90%

* In every package you purchase, a drone displacement (colonization) service is included.

If necessary, you can order an additional 1 colonization (15,000 pcs/ha) at a discounted price

Package Complex - BioControl UNIVERSAL-S

Two colonizations 40 000 pcs. per decare
8.50 lv. PRICE without VAT