Package Complex – BioControl UNIVERSAL:

Against: European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalisHbn.) and Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.)

Two colonizations 35 000 pcs. per decare

Periodicity of colonization: every 8-12 days (depending on the statistical mean temperature for the period)First and Second Displacements (Colonizations) – Mix of Trichogramma brassicae and Trichogramma evanescens, against European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.) and Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.).

The package covers:

Two generations – European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis )

One generation – Cotton Bollworm (Heliroverpa armigera Hb.)

*With timely application, guarantees qualitative efficacy on pest generations, over 90%

*In every package you purchase, a drone displacement (colonization) service is included.


If necessary, you can order an additional 1 colonization (15,000 pcs/dec) at a discounted price.


Two colonizations35 000 pcs. per decare
8.50 lv. PRICE without VAT up to 10,000 decares


Two colonizations 35 000 pcs. per decare
7.80 lv. PRICE without VAT over 10,000 decares