Habrobracon hebetor

Habrobracon is a beneficial insect (entomophage) that destroys caterpillars of more than 60 species of butterflies: bollworms (cabbage, cotton, corn, etc.), leafroller moths, various species of moths on field and fruit crops.

The rate of colonization (displacement) depends on the average population density of the pest.

At an average density of 5 to 10 caterpillars of the respective pest per 100 plants, the norm is 1,000 female parasites per 10 acres during each period.

At an average density of 10 to 20 caterpillars per 100 plants, the norm is 2,000 females per 10 acres, and at more than 20 caterpillars per 100 plants 3,000 or more female parasites per 10 acres.

Usually 2–3 displacements are made with an interval of 7–10 days between each displacement.


  • обикновено се правят 2-3 разселвания
  • интервал от 7-10 дни между отделните разселвания