• Innovative bio know-how with precision technologies for mass industrial breeding of Trichogramma (Trichogramma Parasitoids Wasps)
  • Colonization of agricultural areas using unmanned aircraft (own development)
  • Development of pheromone traps for economically important pests

An alternative to chemical insecticides, Trichogramma has a key role in Europe’s new green policies.


Up to 200 000 ha

annual treatment capacity


environmentally friendly product

Up to 95%

pest control

The National Entomological Laboratory

has the largest Scientific Board of highly qualified experts and huge scientific and technological potential for the development of organic and ecological agriculture

The mission of our company and its Scientific Board is to provide innovative, scientifically sound and effective solutions for the successful cultivation of agricultural crops using natural methods and means. The application of entomophages in biological crop protection is the key to obtaining healthy crop production and a clean environment.

We have innovative bio know-how with precision technologies for mass industrial cultivation of Trichogramma and an effective method for colonization of agricultural areas using aerial vehicles (own development).

The developments of the experts of our Scientific Board and the technological capacity of the company have led to the creation of unique end products combining different species of Trichogramma, special tools and colonization technology.

Our bio-based plant protection products are guaranteed to protect crops, plants and forests.


Borislav Boychinov

Manager and founder of Organic Invest Bio Protection Ltd.

Nature, science and “ORGANIC INVEST BIO PROTECTION” Ltd. have the ecological solutions for effective pest control of agricultural crops.

Drawing on experience from nature and using the innovations of science, at the National Bio Entomology Laboratory for Mass Industrial Trichogramma Cultivation we have created an efficient way to industrially grow trichogramma.

A 100% biological method, with high efficiency, low cost and true environmental friendliness.



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