New! Trichogram in a container for manual colonization

Bioagent Trichogramma, now also for small farms, vegetable production and greenhouses


  • Eurpean Corn Borer
  • Cotton Bollworm
  •  Silver-Y moth
  •  Cabbage moth
  •  White cabbage butterfly
  •  White turnip butterfly
  •  Beet webworm
  •  other butterfly pests of corn, sunflowers, cotton, vines, tomatoes, peppers, cabbages and other agricultural crops.


Схема за поставяне на трихограма кутийки

Схема за поставяне на трихограма кутийки



Scheme for inserting trichogram boxes

Place 20 trichogram containers per 1 acre according to a scheme.

The containers are conveniently made for hanging on different crops.

Depending on the type of pest and the number of generations it develops in a year, 1, 2 or 3 colonisations (treatments) are required.


Containers contain Trichogramma pupae, which are found in grain moth eggs. After colonization, within a few hours, the adult trichogramma begins to emerge and immediately begins to search for moth eggs to parasitize.

  • It prevents the losses inflicted by the caterpillars of various butterflies, as these do not hatch.
  • Does not lead to resistance of the pest.
  •  Very high efficacy rate.
  • Can be used with other plant protection products including selective insecticides.


Crop pests cause huge damage, destroying labour and investment