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National Bio Entomological Laboratory for mass industrial cultivation of Trichogramma, village of Doyrentsi, municipality of Lovech.

ORGANIC INVEST BIO PROTECTION Ltd. is an enterprise of the system of the Institute of Precision Agriculture. It has a huge scientific and technical resource and experience, combining traditional science and innovative modern technologies.

Main partners of the company are:

Institute of Precision Agriculture — Plovdiv;

Ukrainian Academy of Sciences;

Agricultural University — Plovdiv;

Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking — Pleven;

Institute of Forestry — BAS;

Bio Lab BIOCONT — Czech Republic,

as well as many other enterprises and scientific institutes from Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy and Ukraine.


Official Scientific Consultants of the company are:

Academician Professor Dr. of Biological Sciences Valentin Drozda — Ukraina;

prof. Vili Harizanova — Agrarian University — Plovdiv;

prof. Ivan Pachev — Institute of Viticulture and Enology — Pleven;

prof. Georgi Georgiev and prof. Margarita Georgieva — Institute of Forestry — BAS;

prof. Stefan Gandev — Institute of Horticulture — Plovdiv;

Academician Professor, Dr. of Biological Sciences Maxim Melnychuk — Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


The scientific and research activity of Organic Invest Bio Protection Ltd. is aimed at solving a strategically important problem — protection of plants from pests.

We have the technology for mass industrial cultivation of Trichogramma, a parasitoid less than 1 mm in size. It parasitizes the eggs of over 180 species of butterflies. After becoming imago, the trichogramma finds the eggs of enemies and lays in them. Parasitoid larvae hatch in the egg of the enemy and eat its insides.

Applying innovative bio know-how and precision technologies, we have created unique end products combining different types of trichogramma, special agents and colonization technology.

The various products we offer are guaranteed to protect your crops.

The main factor for the rapid expansion of the production and use of Trichogramma is:

  • Low price
  • High efficiency
  • Wide spectrum of action
  • Nature Friendly
  • Easy method of displacement (colonization by drones)

Our company’s goal is to provide the best solutions for successfully growing crops using natural methods and means. The application of entomophages is the key to obtaining healthy plant production and a clean environment.

Stages for working with us

Preliminary study
Survey the fields to assess the volume and processing scheme. The customer provides field maps. Our experts monitor the phenological development of plants and pests and detect the onset of flight. On the basis of the preliminary study and the monitoring carried out, they make recommendations on which service package is most suitable for the farmer.
Choice of service package
The client chooses the most appropriate package of services and the payment method is agreed
Determination of the resettlement schedule
Determination of the start of the flight of the respective pest is carried out by pheromone traps, and the schedule of displacement is tailored to the type of package selected (free or capsule displacement)
Displacement (colonisation)
The displacement of the relevant entomophage shall be carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles according to a defined schedule
The evaluation of the effect of the use of the respective entomophage is based on the average population density of the pest (percentage of parasitized eggs)

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«Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД

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«Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД

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Научен консултант «Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД, Проф.  Аграраен Университет гр. Пловдив

Валентин Дрозда

Научен консултант «Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД,  Доктор на Биологическите науки, проф. Украйна

Георги Георгиев

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Иван Дянков Пачев

Научен консултант «Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД, Проф. Институт по Лозарство и Винарство гр. Плевен

Стефан Гандев

Научен консултант «Органик Инвест Био Защита» ООД, Проф. Институт по Овощарство гр. Пловдив

Юрий Чердаклиев

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Португалия, +34 698 995 760, +351 91 066 56 59

Наталия Петровска

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